Neuroplasticity and Behaviour Change – Dr Gabija Toleikyte, PhD

Have you ever come up with amazing New Year’s resolutions such as losing extra weight, starting saving up money, starting your own business, exercising regularly, changing your career, eating much healthier or quitting smoking? You pumped yourself up with great enthusiasm and thought things are going to be very different this year. Fast forward – what happened a month down the line?

If you are like the majority of us, you’ve probably gone back to where you started. We form habits subconsciously without even realising it and yet we often struggle to change them. Although our brains have an enormous ability to change (neuroplasticity), following old habits require much less energy and effort. Also, our brains resist a sudden change and we get emotional conform from following the same old ways. Therefore, creating a lasting behavioural change is not easy.

If you are fed up with this yo-yo effect and want to gradually create a lasting change, then you might want to consider learning from a neuroscientist and performance coach Dr Gabija Toleikyte about what conditions does your brain need to activate neuroplasticity and create a lasting behavioural change.

In this talk you will learn:

  • Which parts of the brain are responsible for creating and maintaining old habits?
  • Which parts of the brain are required for creating a lasting change?
  • What is neuroplasticity and when is it active?
  • A brain-based explanation on why we fall back to old habits
  • Brain-based practical tips on how to create lasting behavioural changes.
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Dr Gabija Toleikyte - The Weekend University

Dr Gabija Toleikyte is a neuroscientist and business coach. She completed her PhD at the University College London on the neuronal basis of memory and navigation. During her PhD, Gabija acquired a business coach qualification and worked as an internal coach at UCL for senior academics and administrative staff.  

Combining coaching experience with neuroscience insights allows Gabija to develop unique seminars, where solid neuroscience research is presented in the context of the topics relevant for individuals and organisations.

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