The Weekend University - Science & Spirituality

A full day of talks exploring the science and psychology of spirituality.

Have you ever felt you went beyond your ordinary self and felt connected to something bigger than you?

In a 2016 UK survey, over 84% of respondents (including atheists, agnostics, Christians, and Buddhists) said yes to this question.

So what’s going on?

In this series of talks, we’ll explore the science and psychology of spirituality. We’ll put spiritual ideas to the test of psychological research, and discuss whether science really can offer solutions to some of life’s greatest mysteries.

You’ll learn:

  • The surprising links between the ancient practices of Buddhism and Stoicism, and modern psychotherapy
  • The complex harmonies of science and spirituality; how they complement each other and relate to the key transitional challenges that define our era
  • The amazing science of out-of-body experiences; whether anything really does leave the body during OBEs, and the profound effects this has on our sense of ‘Self’.

This is an event for anyone who suspects, that in our rapid drive towards secularisation, we might be leaving something valuable behind.


The format will be similar to a TED event, but with in-depth lectures and focused on the science and psychology of spirituality.

  • 10:00am – 12:00pm: Session 1
  • 12:00 – 1:00pm: Lunch break
  • 1:00pm – 3:00pm: Session 2
  • 3:00pm – 3:15pm: Afternoon break
  • 3:15pm – 5:00pm: Session 3

Full Day Pass: £43.71

Student Pass: £22.51


Sun 30th September 2018
09:30 – 17:00 BST

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09/30/2018 09:30 AM
09/30/2018 5:00 PM
Birkbeck, University of London, London
The Weekend University – Science & Spirituality

Birkbeck, University of London,
Malet Street, Bloomsbury,
London, WC1E 7HX

Lectures & Speakers

Stoicism, Buddhism & Psychotherapy – Jules Evans

If you go to a therapist with an emotional disorder today, you’re likely to be offered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and mindfulness-therapy, which were inspired by the ancient philosophies of Stoicism and Buddhism.

What ideas and practices have modern psychotherapy taken from these ancient philosophies, and what has been left behind? What can empirical science measure, and what important aspects of spirituality cannot be quantified and measured?

In this talk, Jules Evans will explore how scientific data can support us on our spiritual paths, but how we still ultimately need some faith and a willingness to abide in uncertainty.

Jules Evans - The Weekend University

Jules Evans is Policy Director at the Centre for the History of Emotions at Queen Mary, University of London and a leading researcher into ecstatic experience. He also runs the world’s biggest philosophy club, the London Philosophy Club, which has over 6,000 members. Jules’ first book, Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations was published in 19 countries and was selected by Matthew Syed as a Times Book of the Year. He has written for The Times, Financial Times, Guardian, Spectator and WIRED and is a BBC New Generation Thinker.

The Complex Harmonies of Science & Spirituality – Dr Oliver Robinson

Despite the dominance of science and technology as forces that shape our lives, and the decline in religious attendance and affiliation in many Western countries, spirituality is becoming increasingly popular. Why is it that “spirituality-beyond-religion” is thriving in our time of science?

This talk presents an answer; it argues that science and spirituality have both separated from institutionalised religion over the modern era, to become independent yet overlapping domains of enquiry. The relationship between science and spirituality can be conceived dialectically via seven polarities. To embrace these polarities, and thus to integrate science and spirituality, brings about a “complex harmony” of head and heart, that is the basis for wisdom.

Oliver Robinson - The Weekend University

Dr Oliver Robinson is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Greenwich, and the course coordinator for Adult Development and Mental Health. His research focuses on how identity, wellbeing and mental health are affected by major life transitions, crises and ageing processes during adulthood. Dr Robinson’s work has gained attention from the New Scientist, The Guardian, BBC Radio 4, The Telegraph and The Times.

The Science of Out of Body Experiences – Susan Blackmore

In an out-of-body experience (OBE), people feel as though they have left their physical body and can see the world from outside it. What are these experiences, and are they spiritual? As a 19 year-old psychology student, Susan Blackmore had an extraordinarily powerful OBE that lasted for hours and culminated in a mystical experience of transformation and oneness.

Her determination to understand what had happened led Susan to becoming a parapsychologist – a profession she later gave up, zen training, and decades of research into the nature of mind and consciousness. In this talk, Susan will explore the surprising science of out-of-body experiences, whether anything really leaves the body during an OBE, and their profound effect on our sense of self.

Susan Blackmore - The Weekend University

Sue Blackmore is a psychologist, lecturer and writer researching consciousness, memes, and anomalous experiences, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Plymouth. She is a TED lecturer, blogs for the Guardian, and often appears on radio and  television. The Meme Machine  (1999) has been translated into 16 other languages; more recent books include Conversations on Consciousness (2005), Zen and the Art of Consciousness (2011), Seeing Myself: The new science of out-of-body experiences (2017) and a textbook Consciousness: An Introduction (3rd Ed 2018).

What TWU attendees are saying:

    5 star review  What an intense and heartening day, Jan 28th at Birkbeck U venue. Despite being crowded (testiment to the desire for these events and the calibre) we were comfortable enough to be riveted by the material for hours. I appreciated the free coffee, because the day was long for those like me who come from outside the city. I look forward to the slides being sent to fill out my notes. Fellow audients were warm and attending for a variety of reasons, and are the second fab reason to be there for the day.

    Anne Perry Avatar Anne Perry
    January 29, 2018

    positive review  Amazing day of interesting lectures. Thank you.

    Wilfy Williams Avatar Wilfy Williams
    January 28, 2019

    positive review  I got a wonderful opportunity to listen to academics in fields I'm very interested in, meet others and ask questions. Cheers for running it guys!

    Matthew Riddle Avatar Matthew Riddle
    October 29, 2018
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