Dr Paul Atkins, PhD is an organisational psychologist, author and the co-developer of The Prosocial Process along with Steven Hayes and David Sloan Wilson. This unique approach draws from the Nobel prize winning economic theory of Lin Ostrom, evolutionary science, and the psychology of behaviour change to offer a practical framework for creating highly effective, inclusive and cooperative teams – in all walks of life. 

In this interview, we cover:

  • The evolutionary science behind why human beings are fundamentally a cooperative species 
  • Lin Ostrom’s 8 Nobel prize winning core design principles and how you can apply them to increase the effectiveness of the groups you are a member of
  • A practical tool for creating a strong sense of group purpose and identity in any team and why this is vital.

And a whole lot more. You can learn more about Paul’s work and the Prosocial Process at www.prosocial.world and you can get the book here.