A Day on Psychology#3 – Memories, Dreams & Existentialism

Fascinated by psychology and the human mind?

But don’t want to commit to a three-year degree and get into a tonne of student debt to explore your interest further?

This day on psychology at The Weekend University might be for you.

On Sunday 25th February, two leading academics and a mental health practitioner will discuss the latest psychological research into:

  • Freud & The Interpretation of Dreams
  • How to Remove Negative Memories
  • Existential Philosophy & Psychotherapy

It will be similar to a TED event, but with in-depth lectures and focused on psychology.

Lectures & Speakers

Freud & The Interpretation of Dreams – Professor Josh Cohen

The Interpretation of Dreams is a study of how dreams work and what they mean. Out of his long and painstaking ‘self-analysis’, came Freud’s theory that dreams were fulfilment of our deepest wishes, concealed not only to others but to our conscious selves. In this lecture, we’ll explore why dreams became so central to Freud’s ideas, his intricate analyses of how dreams work, including their symbolism, mechanisms and strange sense of humour. And we’ll ask whether and why, in our age of ever more advanced neurological scans, Freud’s thoughts on dreams are still worth reading and thinking about.

Josh Cohen is Professor at Goldsmiths University and a psychoanalyst in private practice. He is the author of numerous books on psychoanalysis, cultural theory and modern literature, including How to Read Freud and most recently The Private Life: Why We Remain in the Dark. His next book, Not Working: Why We Have to Stop, will be published in January 2019. He writes and reviews regularly for TLS, The Guardian and New Statesman.

How to Remove Negative Memories – Matt Kendall

Everyone has memories of past negative experiences they wish they could get rid of, but is it really possible? In this talk Clinical hypnotherapist and IEMT Trainer Matt Kendall will be explaining and demonstrating a number of practical exercises that help to reprocess negative memories. Imagine if you were able to reprocess negative experiences from your memory, what impact that would have on you today? By addressing these memories, it gives you greater freedom in the present and more control of your decision-making process. It allows you to start making choices based on information, not emotion.

Matt is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and IEMT practitioner and trainer, who has spent the past 9 years researching memory, how it works and how it can be altered. Having studied under a range of trainers, Matt has his own unique approach towards therapy and change work. Matt is a regular on Talk Radio, as well as podcasts and livestream interviews. His main focus is helping people recover from traumatic experiences and dealing with social anxiety.

Existential Philosophy and Psychotherapy – Professor Emmy Van Deurzen

Existential ideas can be found in Eastern and Western philosophies dating back many millennia, and these have inspired psychoanalysts and psychotherapists for over a century. In this talk, Emmy van Deurzen will give a historical overview of the roots and evolution of existential analysis, and will cover the key contributions of existential philosophers to the psychoanalytic movement, including Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Husserl and Heidegger. She will then present the existential-phenomenological school of psychotherapy in greater detail and will particularly focus on her own, well established, method of existential therapy, including her four world’s model and structural existential analysis (SEA), which includes working with time and space, as well as with the emotional compass.

Emmy van Deurzen is a Philosopher, Counselling Psychologist and Existential Psychotherapist. She founded the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling at Regent’s University, the Society for Existential Analysis and the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling at the Existential Academy in London. Her application of philosophical ideas to psychology, psychotherapy, and counselling has been instrumental in establishing the existential paradigm in the UK and elsewhere in Europe and around the world. She lectures internationally, and her books have been translated into well over a dozen languages.

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10:00am – 12:00pm: Freud & The Interpretation of Dreams

12:00 – 1:00pm: Lunch break

1:00pm – 3:00pm: How to Remove Negative Memories

3:00pm – 3:15pm: Afternoon break

3:15pm – 5:00pm: Existential Philosophy & Psychotherapy

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