A Day on Jung

A day of interactive talks on Jung’s great contributions to the understanding of our nature. (CPD points will be awarded)

Interested in increasing your understanding of Jungian Psychology?

But not sure where to start?

Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology.

Jung’s work has been influential not only in psychology, but also in anthropology, archaeology, literature, philosophy, and religious studies. He is known for creating some of the best known psychological concepts, including synchronicity, archetypal phenomena, the collective unconscious, the psychological complex, and extraversion and introversion.

In this one day workshop, William Garnermann from the C.G Jung Centre, will take the essential ideas from Jung’s life’s work and combine them into one single high intensity session.

You’ll learn:

  • The structure and laws of the psyche
  • Synchronicity and the phenomenon of meaningful coincidences
  • The Shadow – the rejected personality and gateway to the unconscious
  • Complexes which distort the personality
  • The Interpretation of Dreams as a guiding hand to the Self

CPD Points will be awarded to attendees.

The event will take place at the auditorium in Central Working Paddington on Saturday 2nd September, and due to a limited seating capacity in the venue, there are only 30 seats available.

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Course Leader: William Garnermann

Originally from Belfast, William Garnermann co-founded the C.G Jung Centre in 1990. Since, he has delivered workshops, lectures and short courses in Jungian Psychology to a wide range of audiences in the UK and Ireland.

The C.G Jung Centre was founded to promote an understanding of Jungian philosophy and psychology. The society’s function is education, being dedicated to the exploration of Jungian ideas, the application of Jungian theory and the encouragement of study in the fields of analytical psychology, mythology, literature, art, science, religion and philosophy.

Programme for the day:

  • 10am-12pm Laws of the Psyche, Structure of the Psyche, followed by Synchronicity – the phenomena of meaningful coincidences
  • 12pm- 1245pm Lunch
  • 1245pm – 2:15pm The Shadow – The archetype of the rejected personality and gateway to the unconscious
  • 2:30pm – 3:30pm Complexes – which distort the personality – the all powerful mother, the eternal youth and the dutiful daughter
  • 3:45pm – 5:00pm Dreams – The Guiding Hand of the Self
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