Newsletter – May 2020

Interesting Content and Research 3 Ways to Guarantee Long Term Happiness (According to Evolutionary Psychology) Are people more likely to believe in ‘climate change’ than ‘global warming’? Pandemic anxiety is making us sleepless, forgetful and angry. Here are tips for [...]

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Newsletter – April 2020

Interesting Content and Research A Sense of Purpose Strengthens the Immune System How Psychology Researchers are responding to COVID-19 Mental Health & The Coronavirus - A Conversation with Mick Cooper and Fraser Smith Post Traumatic Growth: Why are some people [...]

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  • Weekend University March Newsletter 2020

Interesting Articles/Research How to turn yourself into a super learner New study finds placebo effects can be “socially transmitted” from doctors to patients Excitement, not profit, drives young burglars to crime Can you hack the flow state? Harvard Researchers Study [...]

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  • Newsletter February

Interesting Articles/Research The Psychology of Meditation How ideological bias may affect the practice of clinical psychology PTSD is not just for veterans, it’s a trauma disorder that affects millions Giving your child a smartphone is like giving them a gram [...]

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Interesting Articles/Research Trauma is not your fault, but healing is your responsibility Different Kinds Of Loneliness – Having Poor Quality Relationships Is Associated With Greater Distress Than Having Too Few Study Identifies The Most Effective Mental Strategies That People Use [...]

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