Science and Spirituality #2 – Reading Recommendations

This month’s event at The Weekend University will be part two of ‘Science and Spirituality‘.

In this series of talks, we’ll put spiritual ideas to the test of psychological research, and discuss whether science really can offer solutions to some of life’s greatest mysteries.

Attendees will learn:

  • The neuroscience of mindfulness; how meditation physically re-shapes and rewires the brain, and how to get the most from your practice
  • The scientific evidence for a spiritual view of reality – how a ‘panspiritist view’ may explain phenomena such as near death experiences, quantum physics, the placebo effect and neuroplasticity
  • The psychological effects of ancient spiritual practices – what the latest research reveals about links between ancient traditions and improved wellbeing, and how you can use these insights in the modern world.

Ahead of the event, each speaker has recommended some books to help attendees prepare for their lectures.

In this post, we cover their top picks.

The Neuroscience of Mindfulness – Dr Tamara Russell

The Neuroscience of Mindfulness – Dr Tamara Russell, PhD

Dr. Tamara Russell works with individuals and organisations advising on how to use mindfulness techniques to optimise performance and improve mental and physical well-being. She is the Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, London, which has as its aim the evaluation of creative yet authentic mindfulness applications for all spheres of life.

Combining her clinical, neuroscience and martial arts training, Dr. Russell’s approach engages both body and mind, for a total solution to manage the stressors of our modern working environment. She specialises in delivering mindfulness training in the health sector, running introductory workshops for mental health workers and other health professionals. Click here to learn more.

To prepare for her talk, Dr Russell recommends the following titles:

Spiritual Science: Why Science Needs Spirituality to Make Sense of the World – Dr Steve Taylor

Dr Steve Taylor - Spiritual Science

Dr. Steve Taylor is a senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University. He is the author of several best-selling books on psychology and spirituality, including Making Time, The Leap and his new book Spiritual Science.

Eckhart Tolle has described his work as ‘an important contribution to the shift in consciousness happening on our planet’ and he has twice been named in Mind, Body, Spirit magazine’s list of the ‘100 most spiritually influential living people’. Learn more about Dr Taylor’s work here.

To prepare for his talk, Dr Taylor recommends the following books:

Science and Spiritual Practices – Dr Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake - The Weekend University

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of more than 85 scientific papers and 13 books. He is a leading researcher into anomalous phenomena and was among the top 100 Global Thought Leaders for 2013, as ranked by the Duttweiler Institute, Zurich, Switzerland’s leading think tank.

He studied biology and biochemistry at Cambridge University where he earned his Ph.D., followed by a fellowship at Harvard where he spent a year studying philosophy and history. His books include: ‘Science and Spiritual Practices’ (2017), ‘The Science Delusion’ (2012), and ‘The Sense of Being Stared At, And Other Aspects of The Extended Mind.’ www.sheldrake.org

To prepare for this lecutre, Dr Sheldrake recommends:

For more information on the event and a full breakdown of the talks, please see the event page.


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