Pluralistic Therapy – Professor Mick Cooper

This lecture will introduce, and look at the practical implications of, a pluralistic approach to counselling, psychotherapy and psychological practice. The pluralistic approach is a collaborative, integrative perspective, deeply rooted in humanistic and person-centred values. Its fundamental premise is that [...]

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Newsletter – May 2020

Interesting Content and Research 3 Ways to Guarantee Long Term Happiness (According to Evolutionary Psychology) Are people more likely to believe in ‘climate change’ than ‘global warming’? Pandemic anxiety is making us sleepless, forgetful and angry. Here are tips for [...]

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Newsletter – April 2020

Interesting Content and Research A Sense of Purpose Strengthens the Immune System How Psychology Researchers are responding to COVID-19 Mental Health & The Coronavirus - A Conversation with Mick Cooper and Fraser Smith Post Traumatic Growth: Why are some people [...]

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Carl Jung & Individuation – Dr Kevin Lu, PhD

https://youtu.be/lBjLuhf0HQ8 In this lecture, we will look at Jung's theory of individuation, where he maps out a path of psychological personality development that, ideally, culminates in greater self-knowledge. Intricately linked to this process is a gradual unfolding of the archetypal [...]

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