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The Weekend University’s next event – A Day on the Self, will take place at Birkbeck, University of London on Sunday 25th March 2018.

In this series of talks, we explore the psychology of the ‘self’, drawing on perspectives from developmental and evolutionary psychology, Carl Jung and his approach to the psyche, and the latest scientific research into spiritual experiences – to question our most basic assumptions about who we really are, and our place in the world.

Fore more info, please see the event page.

Each speaker has recommended some books to help attendees prepare and get more from the lectures. In this post, we cover their top picks.


The Science of Spiritual Experiences – Jules Evans

Jules Evans is Policy Director at the Centre for the History of Emotions at Queen Mary, University of London and a leading researcher into ecstatic experience. He also runs the world’s biggest philosophy club, the London Philosophy Club, which has over 6,000 members. Jules’ first book, Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations was published in 19 countries and was selected by Matthew Syed as a Times Book of the Year. He has written for The Times, Financial Times, Guardian, Spectator and WIRED and is a BBC New Generation Thinker.

To prepare for this lecture, Jules recommends the following:

The Art of Losing Control – Jules Evans

The Varieties of Religious Experience – William James

• Moksha: Aldous Huxley’s Classic Writings on Psychedelics and the Visionary Experience – Aldous Huxley


A Day on the Self

C.G Jung & His Approach to the Psyche – Dr Kevin Lu

Dr Kevin Lu, PhD, is Director of Graduate Studies and Director of the MA Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies in the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex. He is a former member of the Executive Committee of the International Association for Jungian Studies. Dr Lu’s publications include articles and chapters on Jung’s relationship to the discipline of history, critical assessments of the theory of cultural complexes, and Jungian perspectives on graphic novels and their adaptation to film.

As Dr Lu’s talk will be a critical introduction to Jung’s understanding of the psyche, he argues that reliable secondary sources will be best, and recommends two chapters from The Handbook of Jungian Psychology:


• Hauke, C. (2006) ‘The Unconscious: personal and collective’, Handbook of Jungian Psychology, pp. 54 – 73.
• Coleman, W. (2006) ‘The self’, Handbook of Jungian Psychology, pp. 153-74.


A Day on the Self

The Self Illusion: Why There is No ‘You’ Inside Your Head
– Professor Bruce Hood

Bruce Hood is the Professor of Developmental Psychology in Society in the School of Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol. He has been a research fellow at Cambridge University and University College London, a visiting scientist at MIT and a faculty professor at Harvard. He has been awarded an Alfred Sloan Fellowship in neuroscience, the Young Investigator Award from the International Society of Infancy Researchers, the Robert Fantz memorial award and voted to Fellowship status by the society of American Psychological Science.
To prepare for this lecture, Professor Hood recommends the following:

The Self Illusion – Bruce Hood

The Mind is Flat: The Illusion of Mental Depth and the Improvised Mind – Nick Chater

The Domesticated Brain: A Pelican Introduction – Bruce Hood


For more information, please see the event page.

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