#3 Evolutionary Psychology & Mental Health – Professor Paul Gilbert

Professor Paul Gilbert is the Founder of Compassion Focused Therapy and Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Derby. He has researched evolutionary approaches to psychopathology for over 35 years, with a special focus on shame and the treatment of shame based difficulties.

He has written and edited 20 books and established the Compassionate Mind Foundation in 2006. He was awarded an OBE in March 2011.

This episode focuses on Paul’s most recent book: ‘Living Like Crazy’, which was published earlier this year.

Paul Gilbert - The Weekend University

In the interview we discuss some of the key themes of the book, including:

  • The surprising effects our culture and environment can have on our mental health
  • How understanding the evolved nature of the human mind can make you more compassionate; both towards yourself and others
  • How to stop beating yourself up and develop a more compassionate self
  • The psychology of archetypes, the dangers of inflation and how to avoid being manipulated by charismatic leaders
  • Paul’s advice for aspiring psychologists

And a whole lot more.

You can buy the book on amazon, and learn more about Paul’s work here.

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