3 Experiments from Neuroscience Which Prove Reality is a Hallucination

This post was written in the lead up to our upcoming Day on Neuroscience at the University of London on Sunday 29th April. Right now, tens of billions of neurons are working together in your brain so you can read these words. [...]

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Jung, Spiritual Experiences & Developmental Psychology – A Day on the Self

Have you ever felt you went beyond your ordinary self and felt connected to something bigger than you? In a 2016 UK survey, over 84% of respondents (including atheists, agnostics, Christians, and Buddhists) said yes to this question. So what's going on? [...]

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A Day on Psychology#3 – Memories, Dreams & Existentialism

Fascinated by psychology and the human mind? But don't want to commit to a three-year degree and get into a tonne of student debt to explore your interest further? This day on psychology at The Weekend University might be for [...]

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How to use ‘Tiny Habits’ to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2018.

The Weekend University aims to make the best psychology lectures available to the general public. To do this, we organise 'lecture days' where the UK's leading psychology academics, researchers and practitioners share condensed versions of their best lectures at the weekend.  [...]

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Personal Branding for Helping Professionals

Learn how to create a personal brand that authentically communicates who you are and grows your business. Those in the helping professions face a difficult challenge. Whether you’re a therapist, psychiatrist, counsellor, or coach, you must balance doing what you [...]

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