Newsletter – July 2020

Interesting Content and Research Psychological Flexibility: The Superpower of Mental Health and Wellbeing 4 Existential Ideas That Can Change How You Approach Life Dante and Spiritual Transformation with Dr Mark Vernon  How Our Personality Changes As We Age Internal Family [...]

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Newsletter – June 2020

Interesting Content and Research How conceptions of the ‘future self’ affect decision making in the present Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Model, processes and outcomes Aspiring to be rich may damage your relationships Yoga for Trauma and Related Mental Health Problems [...]

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Placebos and Behaviour Change – Rory Sutherland

Why should aspirin be expensive? Why are branded analgesics more effective? The psychologist Nicholas Humphrey argues that placebos work by prompting the body to invest more of its limited resources in recovery. He believes that human immune systems evolved for an [...]

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