Dr Benjamin Hardy is an organisational psychologist, entrepreneur, TED speaker and bestselling author, with an interesting story to tell. He went from being broke and sleeping on his cousin’s sofa at the age of 20, to completing a PhD, building a 7 figure business, and becoming the #1 writer in the world on Medium.com.

Ben and his wife Lauren adopted three children from the foster system in February 2018, and one month later, Lauren got pregnant with twins who were born in December 2018 – so almost over night, he went from a situation of having no kids, to suddenly having five.

His first book: ‘Willpower Doesn’t Work’ debunks the willpower myth, and explores how proactively shaping your environment is the key to achieving your goals and thriving in today’s fast paced, information-overloaded world. His latest book ‘Personality Isn’t Permanent’ was released this week.

It explores the latest groundbreaking research in the psychology of personality, and how you can use this information to design your ideal future and break free from self limiting beliefs and false cultural myths. 

You can find out more about Dr Hardy’s work on his website, and get a first edition copy of the book by clicking the link below:

The Psychology of Personality Change - Dr Benjamin Hardy

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