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Become a Student for One Day

Fascinated by psychology, philosophy and the human mind?

But don’t want to commit to a three-year degree and get into a tonne of student debt to explore your interest further?

Following your passion is great – but it could get you in trouble if you’re not careful.

You might already be in the middle of a career, with a family to feed and bills to pay – so stopping everything to start a new degree simply isn’t a realistic option for you; at least not at this stage in your life.

Worse still, what if you stopped everything to start a new degree and then realise a few months in that you’ve made the wrong decision?

This is where The Weekend University comes in.

We believe studying psychology and philosophy can improve everyday life; both for the person studying, and the people they come in to contact with.

We also believe learning is a lifelong process which should be guided by your intrinsic curiosity and interests, not just an obligation you should go through to get a piece of paper at the end.

So, what if you could use your weekends to attend lectures and foundational courses in the subjects that interest you most?

Then from there, you can make an informed decision about what to do next – whether it’s taking a short course in the subject or going back into full or part time study.

The Weekend University was set up to:

  • Share the ideas of the UK’s leading psychologists, philosophers, academics and practitioners
  • Provide a stepping stone for further education in psychology and philosophy

To do this, we organise ‘Lecture Days’ around fascinating areas of psychology and philosophy, and foundational courses for those who want to go deeper on the subjects.

Our talks and one-day courses are designed to help you use your weekends to explore your interests, meet likeminded people and develop foundational knowledge in the areas that interest you most, so you can make an informed decision about what to do next.

Instead of jumping in to the deep end, you can ‘dip your toe in the water’ at the weekend, and figure out what direction you want to take next on your educational journey.

Here’s what some of our attendees are saying:

‘Excellent, very engaging and full of exciting information. The talks were eye opening, and a great way into a new area of study for me. Warming to be in a community of likeminded people.’ Lina Gibson

‘Really insightful, has inspired me to start researching more deeply exploring all spectrums of mental health & psychology. Something I particularly liked about today, was the contrast and variety of theories and approaches by each of the three speakers.’ Naomi Picton

Lecture Days


The Weekend University’s Lecture Days are similar to TED events, but with in-depth talks (sometimes 18 minutes isn’t enough!), and focused on psychology and philosophy.

Once a month, we invite the UK’s leading psychologists, philosophers, academics and practitioners to present special, condensed versions of their very best lectures – giving you the best of a university education, in a single day.

For a list of upcoming Lecture Days, please click here.

Foundational Courses


Our foundational courses are one-day immersive learning experiences for those who want to go deeper on a particular subject in psychology or philosophy.

These are a great ‘segway’ into further education as you’ll get an intimate educational experience from a leading practitioner in the subject – who will condense the essential ideas from their field into a single, high-intensity session.

By attending a foundational course, you can save yourself months of trial, error, and frustration, and leave with a clear understanding of the essential ideas in the field. These are excellent for those interested in exploring a subject further but not sure where to get started.

All of our courses come with a full money back guarantee – so there’s no risk from attending.

For a list of upcoming Foundational Courses, please click here.